Vic Juba Community Theatre

Quartetto Gelato


January 19, 2018 (Friday)

7:30 pm


Presented by

Lloydminster Concert Series Association




Dessert will be served at Intermission


Regular: $35

Students: $5

Quartetto Gelato is a unique quartet, boasting a Cirque de Soleil acrobat, a four-time world champion accordionist and a virtuoso violinist who is also a brilliant tenor. Four multi-instrument artists perform classical masterworks, Argentinian tangos, gypsy ballads and Latin love songs with plenty of humour and precision.

The group’s first DVD is still broadcast regularly on the PBS network. In addition to sold out performances in Tokyo, Korea, Mexico, New York and all across Canada, Canadian astronaut Dr. Robert Thirsk took their CD on board during his NASA flight on the space shuttle Columbia, and Quartetto Gelato was heard, literally, around the world. Their 9th disc features works written for the group by Canadian composers that highlight its signature style – a blend of fun, eclecticism, international flavours and superb musicianship.


Video: Quartetto Gelato



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